What kind of holiday do you prefer — the bustling action and palpable excitement of the tourist season, or the peace and quiet of an off-season trip? Do you need to escape the biting cold or searing heat of your native town for a more moderate Tenerife weather?

Whatever your motivations (and timetable), Tenerife in the Canary Islands can give you the dream vacation you seek, summer or winter. Let’s examine some of the benefits you can enjoy from each scheduling option.

las teresitas beach

Las Teresitas Beach

Winter Tourist Season

It only makes sense that November through March represent peak months for Tenerife’s winter tourist trade. After all, how many places allow people to sun themselves on the beach, go sailing, or take a comfortable dip in the ocean at this time of year? The Canary Islands are famous for their mild, calm, sunny winters with average temperatures of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you love the water, sand and sky, ditch the snowshoes and book a flight for Tenerife.

If you get homesick for a nice chill, you can always visit Teide National Park and make your way up Mount Teide for a more bracing taste of wintertime beauty. If your holiday includes December 25th, you can even take in the annual Christmas concert by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. Last but not least, if you make landfall in February or March, there’s a good chance that you’ll see at least one spectacular local carnival.

Your next winter vacation could look like this.

Summer Tourist Season

Tourist season heats up once again — this time literally — in May, with peak activity in August as many locals take time off for their annual summer holiday. Summers in Tenerife continue to attract sun worshipers who enjoy this site’s combination of outdoor recreation and gorgeous oceanside scenery.

Summertime temperatures here average a comfortable 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal place for, say, overheated Texans or Arizonians to come and cool off. If you seek more intellectual stimulation from your natural surroundings, check out the Ethnographic Park and investigate the mysterious, ancient step pyramids and historical/cultural museum at Guimar. In mid-August you can experience the Festival of the Lady of Candelaria, the Islands’ patron saint.


Mount Teide

Off-Season Fun

Many travellers prefer to avoid the crowds (and the prices) of peak tourist months in favor of a more restful experience with more affordable travel options. Some simply can’t schedule their vacation time to overlap with the busiest times of the year in the Canary Islands. Never fear, though, because Tenerife’s many attractions continue to dazzle and inspire visitors even during the off season — or what passes for an off season here, anyway.

The favorable climate continues to prove a blessing for lovers of the outdoors, and you may encounter some special events that might get lost in the shuffle during busier periods. You’ll generally find lower airfare and hotel prices during the spring months, with the notable exception of Easter, an enormously popular time for family getaways coinciding with school breaks.

September may herald an end to holiday fun for the main body of tourists — but not necessarily for you and your family! You can usually find remarkable deals on air travel and accommodations from September to the beginning of December, so bargain hunters will want to take advantage as their schedules permit.

Temperatures are pleasant enough to watch whales and dolphins frolic off the island’s southwest coast most days of the year, all year round. Stick around for the Festival of Saint Andrew, in which new wines are traditionally opened and enjoyed, on November 29th and 30th.

There’s something to be said for tradition.

As you can see, Tenerife welcomes all comers at all times of year. You really can’t pick a wrong time to come here, so check your calendar and book your flight to fun!


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