Barcelona Guided TourThere are numerous itinerary options out there to choose from when you start planning your next vacation to Spain, and deciding on just how you’re going to squeeze in all you want to see of the beautiful country can be a daunting task. Booking a guided tour of Spain may be the best way to cover the most important areas of attraction and learn the rich history of the regions.

You can go one step further and select a specific type of guided tour that fits your interests and budget and can make your vacation that much more memorable. Whether you choose to visit the more populated cities of Barcelona, Madrid or Seville or venture into areas off the beaten path like the La Rioja wine region or the island of Majorca, you are sure to experience remarkable scenery, food and culture while on your adventurous journey.

Food Tours

Experiencing good food while on vacation is just as important as anything else. Cuisine is a huge part of Spanish culture, and what better way to immerse yourself in that and find the very best dishes than through a guided food tour? Tapas tours are offered day and night in the country’s bigger cities where there are tapas bars around just about every turn.

This is where your guide comes in handy in helping you understand the menus and in choosing something truly indicative of the culture’s fare. While tapas are the most well-known food of the region, more detailed culinary tours for real foodies may include itineraries that allow you to taste the olive oils in Andalusia, visit the food markets in Catalonia and even take a cooking class in San Sebastian.

Wine Tours
With every good meal there’s a great wine to pair with it, and a guided tour of Spain’s wine regions will give you a sample of all they have to offer. La Rioja is the most popular place in Spain to visit when looking for an extraordinary local wine experience. Tours provide a diverse experience of everything from traditional and boutique wineries to the more avant-garde and Chateaux style and come complete with wine tastings and, if you should choose, a stop at the largest wine museum in the world.

Bike Tours
A guided bike tour of Spain gives you the opportunity to take in additional sites that might be missed on a tour bus and cover more ground than a walking tour. Cycling tours are offered in most of Spain’s regions and allow you to go at your own pace along the routes. Tours can include all the major points of interest in the bigger cities and also take you through the less populous countryside to encounter the Pamplona Running of the Bulls, the thermal springs of Caldes de Montbui or the turquoise Mediterranean Sea surrounding Majorca.

Whichever one fits your style, a guided tour of Spain will leave you fascinated with the country and culture and give you a more authentic experience than if you were to go it alone.