spanish chocolateChocolate in Spain seems to be somewhat of an obsession. The Spanish have created their own version of fabulous chocolate, and it can be found in chocolaterias all over Spain. Some of the best chocolate in the world can be found right in Madrid. Chocolate lovers from all over the world come to Madrid to enjoy the rich, dark, creamy delight that the Spanish call chocolate.

Americans will find that the chocolate that we are used to is quite different from the chocolate found in Spain. Do not let that deter you, just because it is different does not make it any less delicious. Spanish chocolate is extremely thick, and some even eat it with a spoon. Madrid is filled with fascinating and delicious chocolate shops. Take the time out of your trip to stop and taste the heavenly delights that are available here.

Chocolateria San Gines

This is the place to stop and have a fresh, hot churros accompanied with some rich hot chocolate. The Spanish enjoy dipping their churros in the hot chocolate, many times this is enjoyed as breakfast or a snack during the day. Tourists and locals alike stop at any time of the day to get their chocolate fix. Here, they make their chocolate fresh. This shop is old, famous and easy to find. Sit and soak in the atmosphere of the shop and of Spain.

Cacao Sampaka

In this shop, you will find some of the best quality chocolate in Spain. It is possible this is the most famous chocolate shop in Madrid. The chocolatiers here only use authentic cocoa with no preservatives. Cacao Sampaka offers fresh churros as well as truffles that will melt in your mouth. Here, they control the production of chocolate from beginning to end, ensuring the quality and making it spectacular. You can find chocolate in all forms here, hot, and cold chocolate drinks, mousses, pastries and cakes are all available in this gourmet chocolate shop.

Chocolaterias Valor

This is a cozy, well lit shop that also offers outdoor seating. They have been making chocolate since 1881, so they know what they are doing. It has become a tremendously popular franchise. They make some of the best thick, rich and smooth drinking chocolate. While you are there do not miss the Chocolate a la taza.

Moulin Chocolat

The delicious smell of baked goods and chocolate will tease your senses. The chocolate lover in you will not be able to resist the temptation. The pastries here are delightfully tender and flakey and filled with rich, creamy chocolate. While you are there, you may be interested in seeing how the truffles are made. They make some of the most sensational truffles and bonbons here as well as everything else they offer.

La Mallorquina

This is possibly the best place in Madrid to get a Napolitanas. This is a flakey bun filled with custard or chocolate. When you enter this shop, delightful smells will call to you. Crowds of people come to this shop to enjoy all they have to offer. Everything from chocolate truffles to pastries, shortbread and chocolate cakes, are here to tempt your chocolate cravings. All of their products are made fresh on the premises.

Spain loves their chocolate, and it comes in all forms here. In Madrid, you will find many different chocolate shops and they will have the world’s most famous hot chocolate. While you are visiting Spain, it is wise, not to be on a diet. Do not deprive your taste buds the divine experience of Spanish chocolate. This may be a once in a lifetime experience.