National Park Aiguestortes de Sant MauriciIn Spain but not of Spain, Catalonia is an autonomous nationality in the community with a strong heritage Celtic, Mediterranean, and French influences.

The capital of the region is world famous Barcelona with many experiences to be had for the traveller  tourist, and local.

Saving money

sightseeing will allow you to travel without blowing your budget.

Take the time to check out the places the locals love and avoid the vacationer markup or explore attraction websites for coupon discounts. Some of these places are naturally cheaper than popular tourist traps.


Tucked away in Catalonia is the ancient town of Girona with a charming old town that lies on the east bank and the Jewish quarter is filled with culture and history, neither of which requires a car. Come to this little hamlet and explore by foot through the cobblestones and terraced staircases. The architecture features the influences of many occupations and neighbouring cultures.

You will want to explore the river, ancient city walls, various cafes, discoteca club scene, and the golf course around time. The river is best in the fall and spring, when it is running as it dries up in the summer time. In old town, you will find shops for clothing, local treasures, restaurants, and cafes for your exploration. Nearby you will local historical sites that are low or no cost options for you adventure.

National Park Aiguestortes de Sant Maurici

For the outdoor lover among you, the national part of o Aigustortes de Sant Maurici will tantalize you with its breathtaking vistas and meandering lakes. This paradise of streams, waterfalls, lakes, trails, and mountains will excite hikers, families, nature lover, and everyone who ventures out of the city to this land of exploration.

The area is filled with indigenous animals, flora, fauna, and natural landscapes that highlight the beauty of the Catalonia region. The park is free to visit, so pack a picnic lunch and bring the family for a day of exploration.

Cosmo CaxiaCosmoCaixa

Opened in 2005, CosmoCaixa is an amazing, inexpensive interactive science museum that will fascinate everyone in your troop. Once a factory, the building has been refitted as a hands-on experiential museum for kids of all ages.

The museum is set up to teach you and encourage you to explore physical, technical, geological, chemical, and mathematical relationships that make up the world around you. Open every day except Mondays, the museum will only cost you 2 euros. You can spend all day exploring the fun educational exhibits, some say you might need 2 or 3 days, but do take the time to stop here.

There is so much to see feel free to enjoy a full plethora of these sites all falling within your budget. You will not require a holiday loan, just a little cash as you traipse about Catalonia.

The Magic FountainMagic Fountain

A mesmerizing point of interest in Catalonia is Montjuic’s Magic Fountain. Designed in 1929 by engineer Carles Buigas for the international exposition, the fountain is a performance of water, music and lights that is free and never fails to fascinate spectators.

Synchronized with colours  music, and lights using recycled water, the fountain continues to be one of the most popular attractions in the city. Each show runs about 15 minutes and the show rotates on a 30 minute schedule.

Be sure to check the schedule as there are changes between winter and summer, but this is a must see while in Catalonia.