Madrid is known for its rich culture and delicious savoury fare. While there are a number of museums and breathtaking architecture, the city is also a great place to enjoy nightlife during your vacation. Here are some descriptions of attractive locations in Madrid that are ideal if you want a night or two on the town.

Main shopping street in Madrid at night.

Main shopping street in Madrid at night.

Puerto del Sol

Puerto del Sol is the central square in Madrid and is a short walking distance from Plaza Mayor, where there are a number of quality hotels and tapas bars where you can enjoy exquisite wine and appetizers. It’s common to start a tasca crawl in Puerto del Sol, which is the Spanish equivalent to bar-hopping. If you’re visiting the area with a Spanish native, you’ll learn all about the greatest bars in area so you can sample the best cocktails and take in the scene before moving to another bar.

Statue Of Charles III In The Puerta Del Sol, Madrid.

Statue Of Charles III In The Puerta Del Sol, Madrid.

The Real Casa de Correos is another popular feature of Puerto del Sol. The building was originally constructed during the 18th century as part of the city’s post office, but is now the headquarters for the Autonomous Community for the president of Madrid.

If you’re visiting Madrid during the New Year season, you’ll want to be near the clock in Puerto del Sol before it strikes midnight. And have some grapes handy because it’s customary for Spaniards to eat a grape for each of the twelve chimes at midnight.

There are a number of breathtaking statues in the city square as well. Perhaps the most well-known is the Oso & Madroño, which is the official symbol of Madrid and was created by Antonio Navarro Sante Fe. A reproduction of the Mirablanca statue is also featured in Puerto del Sol, which is believed to be Diana the Hunter of the goddess Venus.

Argüelles/ Moncloa

This area of Madrid is where a number of college students live and socialize, making it an affordable nightlife attraction for many young adults who are travelling abroad. There are several fast-food restaurants and ale houses within walking distance in Moncloa and Argüelles, along with several dance clubs to choose from. Paseo del Pintor Rosales is one of the premier locations in this part of town, and is an elegant collection of restaurants and shops that run parallel to Calle Princesa. In the spring and summer months, the outdoor terraces of bars are adorned to attract young patrons who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while indulging in gourmet dishes and cocktails.


Going to a dance club in Madrid is an experience you won't want to pass up.

Going to a dance club in Madrid is an experience you won’t want to pass up.


Casa Patas

Casa Patas is a flamenco club in Madrid, and is located in the Lavapies quarter of the city. There’s a bar and dining area where you can enjoy traditional Spanish fare like oxtail stew (rabo de toro) as well as cured ham from free-range Iberian pigs. In addition, the restaurant and club has an ample stage for Flamenco dancers to perform. The Café Cantante is part of Casa Patas; private events can be held in this area. The owners of the establishment invite some of Spain’s dancers to perform there, and there is a new lineup every two weeks.

The walls of Casa Patas are adorned with the photos of dancers who have performed at the venue, including Estrella Morente, Antonio Canales and Remedios Amaya. Casa Patas has worked with the flamenco community to organize the Fundacion Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Platas in 2000. The foundation is dedicated to educating the public about the history of Flamenco and to provide more information on the music and the dance that embodies Flamenco culture.

These are just some of the attractive features that make Madrid a wonderful place to vacation. You’ll likely create memories that will last a lifetime and learn more about Spanish culture in a fun and engaging way.